About me

As a younger man I made tons of mistakes. DOZENS. Though I always had goals and dreams, it took a lot failing through my early to mid-twenties before I could ever attain the focus and self-discipline required to really start making progress towards my dreams. I started as a broke, alcoholic kid going through personal struggles and unfocused approach to life before I could achieve any kind of noteworthy success. It wasn't until 2013 when I began to turn my life around - first by dropping all the negative habits I did on a daily basis. I then left my peer group who were supposed to be my trusted friends and allies. (They turned out to be my adversaries in the long term.) Though I wouldn't consider these things personal struggles, I did see them as challenges necessary to overcome before my more positive aspirations began to take off.

My road to a more positive, energy-filled life began with a single Ebook. In late 2013 I published my first book on Amazon. I then wrote several more, and I kept on writing. In the summer of 2013 I decided that it was of huge importance to me to go after one of the bigger dreams I'd had for the previous ten years - to teach English abroad in Ukraine. I had teaching experience already since I was an instructor for local drum lines, so I figured "Why not give it a try?" Two weeks after beginning my search for work abroad I did two interviews with a company, got the job and flew to Ukraine. Dream one - Achieved! Ukraine-- this was where my passion for learning languages began. The following three summers I continued to teach overseas and I taught drum lines when I wasn't in Eastern Europe.

I'd been rather unhealthy in my younger years and decided in 2014 to start going to a gym consistently and learn about health and fitness. I studied and received three fitness certifications before I applied and got a job as a personal trainer. This turned out to be a great career path for me, as I loved teaching and I also loved learning about the human body. I never imagined through my writing, teaching, learning and sharing those experiences would lead me yet again in the right direction to another one of my goals-- becoming a motivational speaker. Since I'd always been shy I figured that speaking in front of large crowds would be a difficult task to master. Though it did take much time before I felt confident in my abilities to share my knowledge on stage, it soon became second nature. I wasn't sure where all this was going. I'd turned things around. I was on a path towards attaining many of my goals and was happy, but I just didn't see how the dots were connecting themselves. I was a writer, fitness trainer, teacher, and a lover of learning with a passion for helping others. "So, what next?" I thought. 

I continued pushing along with intense focus until I stumbled into an opportunity and goal of mine--to have my own gym. It has been a wonderful business! And though I absolutely love it, and feel grateful that the gym is an outlet for letting me express my abilities, I decided once again to reach higher. I decided to combine everything I ever loved doing and share what I know by speaking, writing and teaching about what I have done up to this point. I opened this website so that I could speak around the globe, leaving people with one single message - "IT'S POSSIBLE!"

Before I go, I'd like to leave you with a few quotes which have helped me through the years to have the confidence and drive necessary to having the things I have always wanted. 

"God has not given you the desire to do, that which you have no ability to do."

"If you can conceive it and believe it, you can achieve it."

"Your dominant thoughts become your reality."

"Circumstances don't make a man, they reveal him."

"Begin with the end in mind."

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