Making the line 
STRONG! Seminar

Making the Line

A 2.5 hour workshop on how to discover and grow the potential of your marching band drummers. Question and Answer segment as well as a drum speed demo are included. At the end of the workshop, kids compete for the fastest hands in class. Winner receives my book 'Making the Line' which they are free to make copies of and pass out to their friends.

$299 / Workshop


Unlimited monthly English lessons. Discover how to learn a language FAST and how to overcome the discouragement or embarrassment that usually come with speaking another language. Learn how to break through the biggest challenges that keep so many of us from achieving the ability to hold conversations in another language by taking lessons with SpeakFast. 


STRONG! Seminar

A 3.5 hour workshop where the most effective compound fitness movements with barbells are taught: The Squat, Dead Lift, Overhead Press, Bench Press, and Barbell Row. Workshop includes a Question and Answer segment on health and fitness, my recently published fitness book, and individual assessments of body composition and strength ability. Attendees take home a free, one-month barbell training program to get on the fast track to being STRONG!

$399 / Workshop

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